Style Guide

At OutStamping, we have 9 colours for you to choose from for your stamps. We have carefully selected colours that can be used for a variety of different stamp designs and that stand out on a variety of mediums. Use our colour guide tool to assist you in selecting the right colour for your stamps. These colours become more vibrant with the amount of pressure applied to the stamp.

Font Guide

We have a number of fonts available for your custom stamp designs, let us know the name of the font that you would like from the list below when designing your custom stamps.

Our Stamps

At OutStamping, we have various stamp sizes and shapes. All our stamps are self-inking.

Round spring loaded press stamps - available in 12mm, 17mm, 23mm and 28mm diameter.

Round and rectangle diamond top stamps - available in 30mm, 45mm and 55mm diameter and 25x55mm, 29x55mm, 40x60mm, 55x85mm. These stamps do not have an internal spring so require a little elbow grease and downward pressure to create an imprint. 

Square stamps - available in 32mm. Simply press and stamp.